Comparing treatment durations

Infections for which short-course therapy has been shown to have equivalent efficacy to longer therapy. Adapted from Spellberg B JAMA Internal Medicine July 2015

Infection Treatment duration (days) Short Treatment duration (days) Long Reference (s)
Community-acquired pneumonia 3-5 7-10 1-3
Hospital acquired / Ventilator Associated pneumonia 3-8 10-15 4-5
Pyelonephritis 5-7 10-14 6-7
Intra-abdominal sepsis 4 10 8
Acute exacerbations of COPD <=5 >=7 9
Cellulitis 5-6 10 10
Spellberg, B. (2016). The New Antibiotic Mantra—“Shorter Is Better”. JAMA Internal Medicine.

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